Johann Fournier was born in 1982 - photographer, illustrator, night owl, ecstatic, superstitious, coffee addict, hallucinated, chronophobic, time consumer, naturalist, precious, stateless, savage, cynical, pretentious, unreal, out of screen, ethereal - traveler from the melancholy, he lives and works between Paris and Avignon.

Ether elegia is a poetic experimentation ground.

I create art in response to emptiness, to the complex or distant relationships between nature, modernity and invisible.

My photographies choreograph abstract characters, solitary or detached, in narrative scene. Imagery is poetic, the rich or desaturated colors are emotional. The compositions, the perspectives are oneiric. Ethereal sensation is omnipresent.

Each image, each image’s fragment is photographed, staged or sampled. It will be used as pattern, as material. This process is a deconstruction of the visible world to reveal his archaic functioning - to get me closer of the poetic raw matter.

These scenes are vision, they reveal a space of sensible imagery, where profane stand alongside sacred, where notion of modernity and humanity are blend. These visions aim to mark esthetically and intellectually - to leave emotional marks.

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